Sofia Simoni

    A self-taught man. he loves drawing and painting. Colors mixed with wax technique. So Mauro Manini's talent was revealing as one of the youngest artists of Spello. He was born in Foligno in 1968, he lives and works in the most splendid Julia colony. He is of a confidential nature and for this reason he began in the 90s to show to the public his work that now is a success. He starts with the landscape, in particular olive trees, to get to the female figure. And 'an evolution - which he characterized as physiological - that does not stop and leads him in recent years to embark him self on a new project: "water". And it is here that shows his romantic sensibility, the image of women is almost ethereal, intangible, surrounded by water. Just water, the symbol, the sour... (continue)

Alberto D'Atanasio

   In every period of history, art has sealed the thought of man, set fonts, celebrated the glories or, almost in the paradox, denounced the sins of the society that showed it self unaware of the needs of the individual. So the artist has given voice to the soul which was screaming its anger or alienation or refuge in the old, in unreality or dream. The art from half of the 800 up to 1970 is a wonderful example of how the artist was a prophet, a man capable, like few others, to combine the historical events to the popular collective mind.  Mauro Manini is a striking example of this assumption. His images are a sublime combination of representation and representation. Manini is true in the sublime movement of the individual who enters into himself, ret... (continue)

Cecilia Metelli

ESPOSTIQUADRATI Painting, poetry, music are the joints of a single body, the one created by Mauro Manini, Barbara Pinchi and Angelo Benedetti to build a space serving to accommodate the raison d'etre of each, the artistic expression. The body emits musical sounds, it is expressed with words in poetry, creates visual impressions because the artists have chosen these three languages ​​as a useful research tool to probe its interior, with acute sensitivity. Tell the world you feel this is a different thing from expressing only; this process can take place by different routes. They have chosen the road, at least on this occasion, interactive experience to open his own set of individual experiences and daring to experiment with the possibility of bringinge each one their own lang... (continue)
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