"Water" Barriera Albertina Novara

Exhibition at the Barriera Albertina in June 2011 as the winner of the tenth Art Prize City of Novara with a cycle of works entitled water. (continue)

"Espostiquadrati" Town Hall Spello

    PROJECT ART / POETRY / MUSIC  Mauro Manini, and Angelo Benedetti Barbara Pinchi    The idea to combine images, words and music outside the concept descriptive caption, and explanation of the subject that are represented in the paintings and vice versa in poems, as well as escape from the formal context sounds to dive into a single body art. You try mutual affinity of arts through apparent distance, both conceptual and technique to achieve a fusion of contrasts that generates the development of emotional watcher. A journey through the colors of the undefined and indefinable  "Nature" (tree / branch / flower) and even "human nature" (face / upper body) which leads up to other tru... (continue)
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