A self-taught man. he loves drawing and painting. Colors mixed with wax technique. So Mauro Manini's talent was revealing as one of the youngest artists of Spello. He was born in Foligno in 1968, he lives and works in the most splendid Julia colony. He is of a confidential nature and for this reason he began in the 90s to show to the public his work that now is a success. He starts with the landscape, in particular olive trees, to get to the female figure. And 'an evolution - which he characterized as physiological - that does not stop and leads him in recent years to embark him self on a new project: "water". And it is here that shows his romantic sensibility, the image of women is almost ethereal, intangible, surrounded by water. Just water, the symbol, the source of life to which man since ancient times has attached great importance and identified as a constituent of the universe, becomes central to his art. The spatiality is so fundamental, his work does not end within a frame - element that the artist doesn't like - his works forcefully break the wall, with the same violence and destructive life-giving water at the same time. "I chose this compound mainly because that is the most sincere, we can not pretend to water, you can go up or down it all depends on us" - so Manini Mauro explains his choice, and adds - "the female figure was the only one I could see in that context, I also tried to paint men and children, but the picture saddened me, gave me a sense of suffocation. "It is clear, therefore, the strength of these women, who have many faces and are about to represent the whole of humanity. Manini recived many awards, the last last year when he arrived first at the X Prize national art city of Novara. Satisfaction not only for him but for the city of Spello, a land of artists. And it is in the Umbrian town, Via Giulia one of the most-beautiful-that the artist has opened his own studio. His paintings are world travel, the expressions of the emotions that drive us towards a higher sensitivity.MAURO MANIN

Main Exposures:

 - Spello, Tega Chapel of Niccolo' Alunno

 - Spello, Sala degli Zuccari

 - Perugia, Deco 'hotel

- Spello, "Via Crucis d'Autore"

- Spello, Town Hall, "Espostiquadrati"
directed by Carla Gariazzo, poetry by Barbara Pinchi
and music by Angelo Benedetti

- Bovino (FG), Ducal Castle "Apennines Arts' nfest"

- Novara, Salone Arengo Broletto Finalist
8 th National Award of Art

- Spello, Town Hall "Akka2O Heritage of 'Humanity'

- Novara, Salone Arengo Broletto, and Finalist
Special Mention Jury Award 9 th National d 'Art

- Finalist Award Art X

- First Prize Winner 10 National d 'Art City' of Novara,
Barrier Albertina (NO)

- Perugia, Church St. Anna, "Arte per Altro"

- Perugia Area "Onnivora"



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